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Hi, I’m Tessa!

I’m a branding photographer based in beautiful Devon, UK. I am constantly inspired by the area I’ve grown up in. The hues, light, colour and nature you see across the coastline continuously amaze me, the inspiration from the place where I have grown up, has led me to open my photography business Headcake.

I’ve been known for being the girl with a camera for a while now, I’ve been a creative soul ever since I can remember. Always being interested in how products are made and putting my hand to try new creative skills. At university I studied Filmmaking, I used to work with a couple of fashion retailers helping to create promotional videos to advertise their company whilst studying my degree.

After studying, I was working in a local restaurant where I sold my personal landscape photography of the local area as prints and cards. What was lovely was being able to interact with the people coming through the door who admired my work. This is when I began my business Headcake founded in 2018 stocking my photography in local shops and attending craft fairs.

My leap into branding photography happened soon after building my network amongst craft fairs and attending yoga classes (another firm passion of mine) this is where I met a brilliantly creative bunch around my area who asked me to photograph their workshops and classes to use for Instagram and Website content.

Since working with small businesses over a variety of shoots, I have discovered a warm, personal and familiar feel to my photography that will suit your brand. There is something about working with those who put their hearts into their business, there is a person behind the brand that I love to capture in the most authentic way possible.

My clients aren’t just another number on my phone, they become family, and that is what Headcake is about, bringing people together and creating valuable connections.


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