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Creative, authentic brand photography

I’m Tessa, Photographer and Visual strategist for Entrepreneurs and Independent businesses

I thoroughly enjoy getting to the roots and understanding the why behind small business. I love to help to empower small business owners through learning about their lives, passions and dreams and celebrating them through creating imagery.

Storytelling for your brand

Your brand is more than just your logo, your typefaces and website design. Your brand is the way in which you engage with your customers, the emotions they feel when they connect with you.

I am aware of how demanding it is for anyone with a business to create content to use for websites and social media, creating imagery that compliments the posts. I love working with all of the creatives and entrepreneurs out there to ensure you have beautiful looking photographs that get you noticed straight out the gate!

Together we will create honest imagery that speaks clearly to your tribe.

I offer a variation of Photography services including Personal Branding, Product and Event Coverage.

“I cannot recommend Tessa enough for all she has done for me with regards to building my business brand. Stunning photos that capture the essence of my business! Everything we have done has been way beyond what I could have hoped for!”




Visual strategy

3 months

A package tailored to independent businesses to help create a strong individual brand identity.

I have created a visual strategy package that consists of 3 branding sessions over a 90 day period, to develop strategy and insight into your business and find the best way to deliver your images for your brand.

By the end of the 3 months you will have a suite of beautifully edited photos to use in all areas of social media, website content and marketing that will deliver the personality of you and your business to your customers (existing and potential).



Hannah Massey - Sound Social

“I am very much driven by the need for community building. I feel that my social media knowledge has given me a great starting point for this mission.”


Louise Pratley - Osteo and Physio

“I am massively passionate about helping and educating others around looking after their bodies whether it is through rehab advice, nutrition or treatment.”


Tara Barton - Birch and Wilde

“Business is a such a steep learning curve that needs so much flexibility - having the right people, that are well aligned to your purpose and values, by your side (whether paid, or because they love you) is absolutely key to success.”