Louise Pratley - osteopath, founder of osteo fitness collective, fitness model and arbonne district manager


I met Louise via Planet Warrior, an eco yoga and sportswear brand that we are both brand ambassadors for. She lives in Exeter which is only really up the road, by looking at her instagram I felt like she was probably living the London fitness girl life with her great following and engagement with her social feed. When we got chatting, she seemed to be, well she is the most down to earth, bubbly, go-getting lady and business owner. She is constantly striving to achieve more with her business, open to every opportunity that supports her business, she is literally smashing it! I have such pleasure working with her and am always left inspired after we’ve had a phone chat or hung out together normally laughing our heads off!!

Here are a few words from the lady herself :)

What is your bizz about?

My business is a combination of many things but generally under the umbrella of wellness working as an Osteopath, Fitness model, founder of osteo fitness collective and an Arbonne district manager.

Why do you do what you do?

I am massively passionate about helping and educating others around looking after their bodies whether it is through rehab advice, nutrition or treatment.

How did you get into what you do?

I have been brought up in sport with my Dad being an ex professional rugby player! I also injured myself when I was 13 and had treatment and absolutely loved it. I volunteered for massage with numerous sports teams, shadowed a sports therapist and observed in numerous osteopathic clinics.

How do you keep motivated running your business solely? Do you find support with other areas?

Every day I go through 10 minutes of personal development, affirmations and then every week I set goals and plan for the rest of the week. For Osteo Fitness Collective I work with my incredible partner Oliver and for my Arbonne business I have the most inspiring and motivating team who I work with.


Are you open to collaborations?

Yes, the reason why I love the businesses I do is that I get to collaborate with individuals all the time, which I absolutely love, I am open to work with other like minded individuals and expand my network.

What are your dreams for moving forward with your business?

For osteopathy - to gain a busy and thriving practice!

For osteo fitness collective - a massively successful hub of of rehab videos and advice for people to be inspired, more workshops and talks.

For arbonne - to promote to the top level of helping other people achieving their dreams in business and allow me to retire my whole family :)

Do you have any advice for any other businesses / entrepreneurs?

Don’t let any negativity or self doubt get in the way or stop you from achieving your goal. Surround yourself with people who share similar goals and ambitions and fill your mind with information that will help you focus and drive your business.

How has Headcake benefited your business and online presence?

I cannot describe how much Tessa at Headcake has helped me! Firstly she has increased my confidence and business profile, she has allowed me to network with numerous, thriving entrepreneurs plus she has made it unbelievably fun!


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Insta: Louisep_osteopath_fitness

Website: https://www.osteo-fitness-collective.com/