Daniela Morgan - Owner / managing director at MORGAN Accountants


What do you do with your business?

I am the Director of Morgan Accountants Ltd, an Accountancy firm located in Kingsbridge, Devon that operates from the South-West of Devon. The firm has a number of local and international clients, Morgan Accountants roots trace right back to the Second World War!

I am also a Director of UKIT Consultants Ltd, a company specialising in International Trade advice, I help businesses to export dual-use goods, preparing all the necessary documentation for export compliance and with the run up to Brexit, I have been particularly busy.

What's your Why?

My determination and desire to improve myself, this allows me to push pass the obstacles and challenges when they arise. I never give up on challenges and always aim to look forward. My WHY is simply to do more and better myself today than yesterday.

What is your background? How did you get into what you do?

After graduating in Economics at the University of Naples I took a Masters degree in Tax Law in Rome. The following years I worked in accounting and taxation for various consultancies. I then transferred my skills beyond consultancy into manufacturing, construction, renewable energy sectors and management consultancy, always working as an accountant and a financial consultant.

Following this, I gained in-depth experience of National and European projects at the international telematic University Uninettuno of Rome.

Since 2016 I have lived and worked in the UK as an International trade adviser, forming UKIT Consultants in 2017 and becoming a Director of Morgan Accountants in 2019.

How do you keep motivated in business?

Business is exciting, full of challenges and constantly changes. I strive to keep my staff and clients happy understanding that staff have lives outside work and clients financial aspects impact on their personal lives and family relationships.

How do you look after your wellbeing when in business?

When you are in business you should balance the time that you dedicate to the work and your career and the time for your private family life. Personally, I do yoga, which is a good practice for mental and physical equilibrium. When it is possible I go swimming or cycling. I also dance Argentinian tango with my husband.


What do you mostly enjoy about running your business?

Planning goals, analysing new businesses opportunities, clients satisfaction and solving problems, the impact in the local community and seeing my staff grow!

Are you open to collaborations?

Yes, I am. I think that working in synergy with others is an added value. Business is all about partnerships between staff suppliers and customers and other providers.

What are your dreams moving forward with your business?

International growth and a happy team behind me.

Do you have any advice for any other businesses / entrepreneurs?

The main advice for entrepreneurs is don’t be worried to open your own business, find a business idea, completely new or already present (yours will be better!) Develop it! Understand your finance and if you are suitable to push for some grants, prepare your marketing strategies and your business plan. Don’t hesitate, you may think you need help, you certainly will.

For any financial assistance with your business, my firm can assist you! The initial consultation is free. And for new businesses I offer a discount of 20% on all professional services :)

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