Tara Barton - Business owner of Birch and Wilde


I met Tara through Georgina who I also work a lot on projects. Georgina who is one of my cheerleaders, as well as I am massively for her work also did a post out to Facebook promoting my services and the work I have done for her bizz. Tara approached me after seeing Georginas post and now here we are! The power of social media and promoting your friends work :) I also feel like like Tara and I have chatted in a yoga class once before…

The moment I met Tara, she had the biggest smile and chilled vibe, her personable, kind nature is a joy to be around. She definitely has proved in our chats she has a business head on her and is extremely passionate about her products referring them to her babies :) Here are a few words from lovely Tara herself.

What is your bizz about?

My name is Tara and my Business is Birch & Wilde. We offer a range of beautiful wellbeing supplements designed to not just look great, but be science backed and effective, support our customers in achieving great physical & mental wellbeing, as well as confidence from feeling well, happy and comfortable with who they are.

Why do you do what you do?

Within the business, my official title is Founder & Director. However, in reality I wear many hats! My favourite 'hat' is focusing on the brand vision and where we can develop and grow to support our customers the best. Other 'hats' include everything from social media and marketing (which I also love), product development and design (another favourite hat!), through to packing shipments, book-keeping and accounts, website design and management, Amazon logistics and marketing, blog writing, SEO, helping customers, general operations, and almost everything in between. The variety keeps me very well occupied, and is something I really love, as I need to be constantly learning an evolving!


What is your background? How did you get into what you do?

I studied business, and my professional background is actually in restaurant management, followed by property management. The one thing that they both have in common is being highly competitive marketplaces that are very customer-centric. This has stood me in good stead when it comes to looking after our Birch & Wilde customers - they are at the centre of everything the business does, and keeping it this way is a real passion point for me. It also means I have an idea of what to expect in a competitive market place, how to compete on a small budget, and how to develop well differentiated products that our customers will love.

The actual business is based around my own 'journey to wellbeing' and finding a way to live that I really love! Learning how to stay health focused, and support myself well has been a huge part of this. And so the business is my way of sharing this back with the world, something that I am really passionate about. Having business acumen is great, but there is often little longevity to stick with your own business unless you truly love what you do (it isn't all plain sailing, that's for sure, and sometimes you need to really love it to push through a challenge!).

How do you keep motivated running your business solely? Do you find support with other areas?

I have always been quite a motivated person. I really love creating something and watching it grow! Growing up I always thought that I wasn't very 'creative' in the artistic sense, but I have now fully embraced that this is 'my' creative. I think that really loving what I do is THE best motivator. It has taken a long time to find it, but now it's here, the problem I have is actually remembering to balance things and switch off sometimes.

I am very grateful to have a strong support network around me. A combination of family, friends and professionals. My family and friends keep me sane and grounded, with the occasional 'tough talk' or 'motivational boost or reassurance' when needed. And, I am now growing my network of talented professionals (you included!) that work with me to help me get my business out there, keep it running behind the scenes, and develop and grow in the best possible ways.

Business is a such a steep learning curve that needs so much flexibility - having the right people, that are well aligned to your purpose and values, by your side (whether paid, or because they love you) is absolutely key to success.


Are you open to collaborations?

Yes completely and absolutely!! I love working with other brands that align, and I am a firm believer in supporting other small businesses as we all grow together.

What are your dreams for moving forward with your business?

I would love for Birch & Wilde to become a household name for supporting wellbeing and health throughout the UK, Europe and other parts of the world. It's a BIG ambition, but I think it's better to set my sights too high rather than too low!

Do you have any advice for other businesses / entrepreneurs?

My favourite pieces of advice, are ones that have been given to me... so, taking action is a really important one. Ideas don't have to be perfectly formed to be put into action (and everything can be 'tweaked' as you go). But if you wait until it's 'perfect' you may never end up doing it!

Also, patience, consistency and seeking support and help where needed (and that doesn't have to be paid - YouTube is an amazing place to learn when needed!) .


Follow Tara …

Website: www.birchandwilde.co.uk

Instagram: @birch _and_wilde

Facebook: @birchandwilde

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