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Hi I’m Tessa, I’m the lady behind Headcake Designs. I’m inspired mostly by the area I’ve grown up in Salcombe, Devon. The hues, light, colour and nature you see across the coastline continuously amaze me.

I’ve been known for being the girl with a camera for a while now. I like capturing the natural moments, the smile that isn’t forced or the place that sits unspoilt. The small, fine details are what interest me especially when it comes to portrait work, I gravitate towards showing the genuine person that is unapologetic. I mostly work with businesses that help others in some way, whether this is through wellness, yoga or makers that create beautiful, handcrafted jewellery for people to adore and gain happiness wearing the craft. As someone who is constantly in awe of others talents and outlook on the world, it gives me great pleasure to work with these individuals photographically.

This same pleasure from collaborating with businesses links to how joyous I am when families reach out to me to share a moment in time with them into their day to day lives. Whether this is a family get together, a baby has been born or a mother to be would like beautiful images with her baby bump, there is something simply special about being able to document these precious, raw moments.